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Math Games

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Mathletics Website! 

You'll need your user name and password card for this one!





Count by 2s, 5s & 10s Rap

Cool video to help us remember our skip counting order!




Doubles Facts 1-5 Video

Adding Doubles 1 - 5 - A video to help you remember your doubles facts from 1-5!  If the link is black click on the small blue and white letter i and it should play.  





 Doubles Facts 6-10 Video

Adding Doubles 6-10 - A video to help you remember your doubles facts from 6-10!  If the link is black click on the small blue and white letter I and it should play.



That's A Fact

A website to practice your addition and subtraction facts on!










Count Us In 

There are lots of different math videos to watch on this site!








Sheppard Software -Math

Lots of math games on this site as well!



Give the dog a bone. begin Can you find the 10 hidden bones on 1 - 100 number square in less than a minute ? 000 main found 0 60...

Give the Dog a Bone 

A more challenging game - you need to find the numbers where the dog bones are hidden on a number chart - can you find all ten in one minute?



Paint 100 Number chart

Paint your own patterns on the 100 chart!




Odd or Even








Number Track 

Lots of different games to practice your math skills on this page!





Counting Objects

Practice your graphing skills!



Connect the dots to make a picture - practice your numbers 1-50 or skip counting by 2s skills - lots of different counting and language games! 



Ladybird Doubles - Play a classic memory game with doubles facts!


Math activities - lots of free math activities on different topics.




Lots of math games, reading activities, and videos. 


Prodigy Math

    Prodigy Math - You need to set up an account.  There are in-app purchases but most of the 

program is free.




Math Playground

Lots of free math games.  




Splash Learn

You need to set up an account - lots of free games.  

Math Game Time

Free math games and printable worksheets.





Khan Academy

You need to create an account and then have access to lots of lessons.


Xtra Math

You need to create a free account - math facts practice +/-/x/division.






Lots of free math games.  Also includes some language arts, geography, and typing games. 






Bedtime Math

For parents - lots of screen-free math activities to try with your child.


Boddle Learning

 Offering a free account during school closures




Free math, science, and ELA games.  



Turtle Diary

Free math games.  Also has language arts games.  



Manga High

Play math games to reinforce math skills and compete against the computer or others. 





Lots of math games, also has Langauge Arts games.  



Math Chimp

This site collects math games, videos, and worksheets for Grade 1 up to Precalculus.



A Plus Click

Math and logic problems for ages 5-adult.




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