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Science Games

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NASA Kids' Club

Lots of games, facts, and videos.  





Code Academy

Learn how to code.  Set up a free account.






Learn to code with game labs and projects.




Blockly Games 

Learn how to code by playing easy games.  



Smithsonian For Kids

Lots of videos, activities, and games about all kinds of topics!



Time For Kids 

From Time Magazine - Select videos and audio for different Grade levels - lots of topics!





National Geographic For Kids

Lots of videos, games, and activities about lots of topics!




Brain Pop

Collection of websites with over 1000 short videos with quizzes & extra materials.  Covers science, languages, math, music, and many other topics.  Free membership during school shut down. 


Mystery Doug

Lots of videos and experiments to inspire your kids to ask questions.



Neo K12

Lots of science games and videos to explore.  Also has math and phonics.




Google Earth

Google Earth - explore your community and famous landmarks around the world.




History For Kids

Free online history network for kids.  Includes articles, worksheets, games, and quizzes.





Want to learn a new language?  Open a free account.




The Kid Should See This

Smart videos for curious minds of all ages.  1000s of kid friendly videos.  




Crash Course Kids

A Youtube channel full of science videos for kids.  



Geography Games 

Lots of different geography games.  

DK Find Out

From the popular DK book publishers, this site has lots of videos and quizzes.




Switcheroo Zoo

Watch, listen, and play games to learn all about animals and their habitats.  





San Diego Zoo For Kids

Watch animal videos including live cams from the zoo, play games, and learn about animals.





Farm Food 360

Watch 11 virtual tours of Canadian farms including pigs, cows, minks, apples, and eggs. 




Google Arts & Culture

Explore museums, famous landmarks, and watch information videos about a variety of topics with your child.  




Facts 4 Me

A safe research site for elementary-level readers.  They are offering free access while schools are closed.  Username is read.  Password is read.  




Earthquakes For Kids

Learn all about earthquakes.  




Farmer's Almanac For Kids

Learn about the date, weather, moon phases, and more.  



First Garden

Guide to gardening for kids. 



BBC History For Kids

Games, quizzes, and fact sheets take you on a journey through time



MET Museum For Kids

Explore The Metropolitan Museum of Art.  


Smithsonian For Kids

Everything from live zoo vidoes, The Smithsonian Learning Lab, videos, activities, and more.  




Cool Kid Facts

Videos, pictures, quizzes, worksheets, and more about geography, science, history, animals, and the human body.




Climate Kids

From NASA - includes videos and games about weather, climate, water, energy, plants and animals. 



Ask Dr. Universe

A science-education project.  Kids can send in their questions about history, geography, plants, math, technology, animals, culture, and more.  Also includes videos and activities.  Hosted by Washington State University.



Weather Wiz Kids

Lots of information about weather from a meteorologist. Experiments, jokes, facts, and folklore.





Kids Think Design

Explore careers in graphic design, fashion design, interior design, book design, product design, film, theatre, architecture, animation, and environmental design.  Projects to do at home, meet a designer.  



Smithsonian Ocean

Take a deep dive into the ocean at this site hosted by the Smithsonian Institute.  






Science, geography, history, and biographies.  




Alaska Wildlife Live Webcams

Live wildlife webcam videos, photos, and information about wildlife.  




The Homeschool Scientist

Engineering challenges and projects with things you have at home. 




Make Me Genius

Lots of animated science videos.




The Magic School Bus

Games and activities from the book series.



Science Bob

Lots of experiments and videos about science!




Brain Stuff - How Stuff Works

A Youtube channel full of interesting science videos that explain "how stuff works", and answers to your burning science questions.



Crash Course Kids

Another Youtube channel full of interesting science videos - updated weekly. 




Sci Show Kids

Another Youtube channel full of animated science videos.  



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